Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Political Right - Standing For Nothing

The children on the right don't really believe in anything of importance. The only strong belief they have is that everything they believe is right. Outside of that conceit, conservatives come to the table of ideas empty handed.

Examples of right wing bufoonery include these nonsensical gems:

Right wingers believe their church needs 10% of their income in order to continue, while a national government can survive on next to nothing.

Right wingers believe that a fetus must be protected, but once the child is born it's pretty much on its own. No food stamps for you, you bastard baby!

Right wingers believe that religious fundamentalism and a complete reliance on the Sacred Book are the only things needed to have a happy society - unless, of course, the religion is Islam.

Right wingers believe that God loves you sooooooooo much that he'll send you to hell for voting Democratic.

Right wingers believe they have a God-given right to put their commandments and scriptures all over taxpayer funded property; telling them "no" is a violation of their freedom to practice religion and tantamount to the worse persecution since the Spanish Inquisition --- oops, bad example.

Right wingers believe that everyone should be free to live under whatever moral standards the majority decides - as long as the majority aren't sinful backslidden heathens.

The right wing is a moral cancer on the United States of America.

Religion can be a wonderful thing - when it's kept completely and totally out of our secular government.

Disagree? Then shut up.

Friday, November 26, 2004

From The Center Shall He Lead

So who will lead the DNC now that Terry McAuliffe is resigning? Will it be someone from the left? A big time liberal to show the way? Or will it be.... Howard Dean?

That's right, my DFA friends. Howard Dean is no liberal. An "A" rating from the NRA. A fiscal moderate. A man who signed an anti-flag desecration amendment to the Vermont constitution. And yet he's viewed by the Democratic left as a pure liberal. Why? One reason - he spoke out against the war in Iraq.

Those who confuse Dean's position against the Iraq war with his position on ALL war are missing the big picture. Dean is quite capable of being a hawk - he just realized early on what the rest of the world now knows: There was absolutely zero reason to invade Iraq, Saddam notwithstanding. That's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Deal with it, and if you disagree, well, you'll understand when you grow up.

So now Dean is mentioned as a DNC candidate. As Washington State Party Chair, which I'm growing more confident every day about becoming, I will have the chance to vote for DNC Chair. I'm leaning Dean. Why? Simple -

A moderate who can fire up the Democratic base may be exactly what this party needs.

Howard Dean - Moderate for DNC Chair.

It may sound odd, but it's true.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rossi Is Bossy...Or Is He?

It seems that Dino Rossi has won the recount by 42 votes. That's a tie for all practical purposes, but we can't have two governors. Who would have the veto power??

This race should never have been so close. As a party, we've now lost every open statewide seat and every challenged seat here in Washington. Still the insiders go on and on about how wonderfully we did by picking up two state senate seats and three state house seats. Turn a blind eye to the failures and gloat about the minor successes?

It just doesn't work that way.

Of course I'm campaigning for State Democratic Party Chair but, even so, this was a disaster year here in Washington. We may have been in the top 3 state parties 4 years ago after picking up a US Senate seat, but we are quickly sliding downhill.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting there is a problem. The problem is that our Democratic Party here in Washington is more obsessed with fundraising than it is with outreach and message. It's obsessed with pleasing the Seattle base rather than reaching out to 'red' areas of the state. It's more obsessed with going for a quick score, finding candidates who have high name recognition (and thus a perceived high fundraising potential), than it is with slowly and deliberately building a bench of local officials (mayor, city council, school board, etc.) for the future.

Short-sighted solutions = short-term results. We regained ground after 1994 with that strategy, but now that model is failing. Badly.

Pretty simple stuff.

Now there will almost certainly be a hand recount in the governor's race, paid for by the state Democratic Party. The cost is roughly 700k, which is expected to be raised in the next few days. Personally, I think that 700k would have been much better invested in targeted legislative races and local offices. If we'd started doing that 10 or 15 years ago, we wouldn't need a recount today - the race wouldn't be anywhere near this close and Gregoire would be governor.

Did I mention I was running for...oh, I guess I did.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Yes, We're Still Here

Much to the chagrin of the world's conservative children, of course.

I am in the middle of running for Washington State Democratic Party Chair (your endorsement would be welcomed!) and have traveled a few thousand miles over the past two weeks. Puts a severe crimp in blogging!

So I apologize for what will inevetibly be a temporary (perhaps a couple of months) of continued sparse postings. Every now and again I'll see something that so outrages me that I cannot help but post a rant at 2am, I assure you!

To both of our readers, keep checking in and have a wonderful holiday week. Regular reliable posting will resume after the race.

Thank you to all who are supporting this effort. You're the ones who will carry our campaign across the finish line on January 29.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Earth Has Four Corners, And The Sun Orbits Earth

Well, we all know those two statements are false, right? I mean except for the two or three little baby conservatives who might be learning how to read by stopping here. Wrong.

The National Park Service is attempting to replace science (which involves looking at evidence and testing theory) with religion (which involves reading something in the Bible and believing it) in our National Park system.

There is no other word for this but wrong. I know right from wrong, and teaching what's found in the Bible - that Earth is flat and the sun can stand still - is morally reprehensible.

Sorry, but you've just got to draw the line somewhere. There's too much whining about "having to hear all sides". There is no other side here. Science is a constantly tested process, while faith is a read-it-and-believe-it acceptance. The two are not related in any way.

Run along, faith-based children. And remember to keep your religious superstition off of my parks.

Thank you.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Typical Conservative Eye-Roller

What part of winning are conservative kids so angry about?

Even in victory they have to demonize the mythical "liberal elite" (never mind that every town in America has a selection of about a dozen conservative children on the radio dial), the always-evil "Hollywood" (this from the party of Arnie and actor Ronald Reagan, no less), the typical nonsense about how liberals feel "morally smug" (this from the party of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell), the garbage about liberals being "angry" (this from the movement that spawned Bill Bennett's diatribe work of fiction entitled 'Where's the Outrage'), the trash argument about liberals being unable to accept defeat (as if conservative adolescents embraced Bill Clinton's election).

In short, the party of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh calls liberals "angry". Sick? Twisted? I've gotta be making this stuff up, right? Sick and twisted yes. Made up? No.

Part of the reason conservative kids still beat the "they hate us sooooo much" drum is simple politics. They have to cast themselves as poor little persecuted conservatives or they risk being seen for what they are at the moment - the ruling class. Should the 'persecuted conservative' image give way to reality, then these kids risk losing their precious precious power.

For the moment, emotionally and intellectually underdeveloped conservatives have it both ways. They control all of the Federal government, yet still blame "liberals" for anything that goes wrong. This makes sense, as you can't expect a conservative child to have any sense of his or her own shortcomings (Mr. President, please name three mistakes...)or failures.

And so it continues...the more power conservative kids get, the more they'll blame everything that goes wrong on someone else.

That's just how children are. What else would you expect from a conservative child?

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Race Is On!!

The Washington State Democratic Party will be choosing a Chair in January. As I've mentioned before, I am a candidate.

Media interest in the race has already begun, with the Seattle Times and Seattle P-I both running stories on the race. I am quoted in each article.

Not bad coverage, considering that the chair of the King County Dems is running against me and both newspapers are based in - well - King County.

If you haven't dropped by the campaign website yet, you may want to
check it out.

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, a time to honor everyone who has served the United States of America in uniform. Thank you for your sacrifices and your devotion to our country. If you know a veteran, please take time today to say "thank you". It's the least we can do.

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